“Spotswood” (aka “The Efficiency Expert”)

The Efficiency Expert (aka Spotswood)

The Slot Car Race Scene from the Movie “Spotswood” (aka “The Efficiency Expert”), a 1992 film featuring Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins and Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn, along with a cameo appearance of writer Max Dann.

This movie also introduced a young Russell Crowe in his first big screen role, and Toni Collette, in her first film, who has also gone on to appear in many popular movies.

Anthony Hopkins portrays a consultant, or “Efficiency Expert”, who is hired to help a small struggling moccasin factory in Australia. The carefree demeaner of the employees at first leads to their potential demise, but winds up gradually winning over the seemingly cold-hearted consultant.

The light-hearted movie culminates in a slot car club championship race, where Hopkins is recruited to participate.

An enjoyable film with Hopkins in an early role with a great supporting cast, and a fun portrayal of the slot car hobby.

– Paul K @ OWH

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Editorial Review:

Errol Wallace (Anthony Hopkins, The Rite) is an efficiency expert. While managing the high-profile downsizing of a major auto parts factory, he is asked to evaluate a small moccasin factory in Spotswood. On arriving in town—which seems from another era—he is confronted by the human faces such plans hurt and is forced to reconsider the rapid modernization he advocates. Also featuring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe (The Next Three Days) and Golden Globe winner Toni Collette (TV’s United States of Tara).

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