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“Slot Tales” – Slot Car Documentary


Excellent documentary video of slot car racing by Steafano Mirabelli of the
Model Drome slot car club & Zot4Slot based in Milan Italy.
Video is in Italian with English sub-titles.

From Model Drome:

“In this video created by the guys of Zot4Slot I had the possibility to express what I believe are some of the best and distinctive aspects of Slot Racing. The hard and meticulous work of Zot4Slot’s team (Stefano Lazzari, Roberto Pelitti, etc.) gave birth to what I think is a very professional and well done project: Slot Tales. Thanks for watching!”

Stefano Mirabelli was kind enough to send me an English transcript of his awesome slot car documentary!

I know that there must be others like me that had a bit of a hard time reading the small sub-title text, and the content was so good, that I had to ask if he could send me a copy of the transcript.

It was also great to hear from Stefano that he has been a long time avid reader of OWH / Slot Car Talk!

Here is the English transcript:

Slot Racing came into my life many years ago…I would say approximately 20 years ago.

I was just a child and like every boy of that age I loved cars. Slot Racing gave me the possibility to express my desire of mechanics, electronics and anything technical that I could think of.

Slot Racing is simple but at the same time it requires precision, a lot of patience and it’s a very good training for your concentration.

Using your imagination you can think of new ideas and solutions and simply apply them to reality on your slot car, try them out on the track and see immediately the result.


The project of the Model Drome began a few years ago. It took more than three years to create it from the raw materials and the technical designs to what you see now in this big room.

What pushed me into this project?… Well… a little bit of undeniable craziness, a lot of passion, the help of friends that believed in this project…

and the dream of offering to other people what I’ve done in the past years and that I believe is the best part of Slot Racing: meet with other people who share the same passion and motivation for this hobby and model cars in general and everything that goes along with it.

I find Slot Racing very exciting. You can feel the competitive spirit, the concentration and the tension….just like the real world racing!

This hobby is basically for everyone and for every age and can be done at any kind of level and commitment.

This weekend’s race is a particular competition with a medium-high level of experience among the racers.

Slot Racing comes into your heart when you come in contact with the many aspects of the hobby, when you get deeper into the game and its particularities.

Done at “higher” level inevitably raises the competences and in order to compete one must have refined skills, knowledge and in some cases a fair amount of money that are not typical of the youngsters.

I like video games even though I’m not a real “gamer”. A good thing about slot racing is that it is a very “social” hobby and it makes you meet a lot of different people, while video games in some cases tend to isolate people in front of their consoles and computers.

I believe that nowadays it’s not easy to attract very young people to a hobby like slot racing, but the possibility of assembling components, soldering, using mills and lathes in order to create real objects with your hands is priceless

and unless virtual reality makes a big leap in quality, at the moment, I still think that nothing can compare to the experience of working with real materials and objects in your hands.


One of the most fascinating things that this hobby allows you to do is to be able imagine and come up with an idea, work on it, shape the material, assemble it and find out that you have created something that really works. This gives me a lot of gratification.

Racing is a very fun and thrilling part of slot racing and the desire to achieve a good result is within everyone of us.

However the most beautiful part of this hobby is to learn how to work on the materials and concepts that control the physics of this game, sharing the knowledge with other fellow racers and friends in order to achieve new solutions and results that can be immediately seen on the track, creating something attractive that you can actually feel and use giving you a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

– by Stefano Mirabelli

Link to video & story (in Italian) on Zot4Slot:…ane-nel-cuore/

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