POV – Tim’s Track – 1/32 Scale Slot Car Club Racing

Point of View video by Greg Gaub, featuring Tim Elvins’ 1/32 scale home/club track, in Summit, WA, the Summit-Archer Raceway.

Pioneer Mustangs serve as the camera and race cars.

Bumper-cam, window-cam, and track-side video included.


Video by Greg Gaub, track built by Luf Linkert of Archer Raceway in Vancouver BC Canada, and now owned by Tim Elvins in Summit, WA (near Tacoma).

I’ve raced on this track several times when it was part of the PSSRA club racing circuit, with my fellow PSSRA friends in this video. The track is a real blast to drive, and the squeeze sections really make passing a challenge!

– Paul K @ OWH

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