Model Racing Cars – 1957

Model Racing Cars - 1957

Brighton, East Sussex, UK 1957

Another vintage slot car video from British Pathé TV. This features author Elleston Trevor and his wife and son enjoying their model car racing track in their garage.

Video Script:

M/S as a Rolls Royce drives up towards a detached house in the countryside. The man driving it is the author Elleston Trevor, he is smoking a pipe.  His wife, Johnni, gets out of the car and goes over to the garage.  M/S as Johnni opens the garage door and goes inside, Elleston gets out of the car and joins her.

Interior.  M/S of Elleston in his garage, M/S of a row of tools on the wall and three model racing cars on a bench.  He sits down and picks up a white car and looks at it, he then replaces it.  The narrator says he makes these cars with his friend Max Findon.  M/S of his hand picking up another car, C/U of them all.  M/S of Elleston holding a red car against a grinding / polishing machine.  C/U as his hand replaces the car next to the others, the third car is green.  M/S as he pulls the plug out of the socket and turns away.  He stands up, picks up the three cars and walks out of the shot.

M/S of the big model race track, Elleston walks into the shot and places the cars at the starting line, he then walks out of the shot.  C/U of the three cars at the starting line.  M/S of Johnni and their  eight year old son Peregrine by the track, Elleston joins them.  C/U of Johnni’s hand turning the switch which controls the cars.  C/U as the cars set off from the starting point.  M/S from one end of the track as they race along it and round the corner.  M/S from above as they turn the corner.  L/S of Elleston, Johnni and Peregrine by the track as they watch the cars. The cars are run by electricity so they are very quiet.   M/S of the family, C/U of Johnni.  M/S of the cars going round the track.  C/U of Peregrine. M/S as the red car comes to a halt and the white car crashes into it.  M/S of Elleston pointing out to Peregrine what he has done wrong and why it has crashed.  C/U of Peregrine.  M/S of the family.


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