Giant Slot Car Track

Here’s the story of Greg Katz and his “Katz Spa Ring” – HO club track in Fremont, California.

The story is narrated by Mike Rowe on Evening Magazine… before he became famous for shows like “Dirty Jobs”, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” & narrating shows like “Deadliest Catch”… and long before Mike Rowe became a popular Facebook celebrity.

Watch the video below….

Sadly, Greg succumbed to cancer in 2004, much too young at just 38 years old. But his passion for his hobby that he shared with his fellow slot car racers, club members, family, & friends left a lasting impression & legacy.

A local club SFHORA, in San Francisco California, has moved and restored the incredible Katz Spa Ring track….

From a post on Slot Car Illustrated…

“SFHORA is proud to announce that the world famous Katz Spa Ring is now functioning.

SFHORA is a member funded association in San Francisco. Our group rents a 1200 square foot warehouse in the artists district that is home to the KSR and two other 6 lane routed tracks.

There are pics of us moving the track posted at”

The above quote was posted back in 2007, and unfortunately, the club web site is no longer there.

If anyone knows if this awesome track is still in operation, please post a comment or contact me, and I will update this post.

 – Paul Kassens

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