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Slot Car Racing is a High Speed Hobby in Naperville

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.
The term “slot car” might first bring to mind toys for kids you pick up at a big box store, with small cars and tracks to be set up on your kitchen table or living room floor.

Keeping Slot Car Racing Alive in NYC

Keeping Slot Car Racing Alive in NYC – Buzz-A-Rama featured on Great Big Story.

2016 Worlds at Port Jeff Raceway featured on Long Island NY News

2016 Worlds at Port Jeff featured on Long Island NY News

Our Community: Slot Car Championship

June 20, 2016

Push Pause on FiOS1 news Long Island featured a nice video news feature by video journalist Dana Leuffen about the 2016 Slot Car World Championships at Port Jeff Raceway in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY.

The video highlights the competition and camaraderie among fellow enthusiasts from all over the world, with interviews of several well known top international slot car racers.

“Slot Tales” – Slot Car Documentary


Excellent documentary video of slot car racing by Steafano Mirabelli of the
Model Drome slot car club & Zot4Slot based in Milan Italy.
Video is in Italian with English sub-titles.

From Model Drome:

“In this video created by the guys of Zot4Slot I had the possibility to express what I believe are some of the best and distinctive aspects of Slot Racing. The hard and meticulous work of Zot4Slot’s team (Stefano Lazzari, Roberto Pelitti, etc.) gave birth to what I think is a very professional and well done project: Slot Tales. Thanks for watching!”

1987 USRA Slot Car National Championships

1987 USRA National Championships

1987 USRA Slot Car National Championship at Grand Raceway in Chicago. Featured on ESPN and Speed Channel.


The 2005 USRA Division 1 National Championships

2005 USRA Division 1 National Championships

“Punching the Donut” – A film by Adam Friedman, Traveling Light Media Productions.

Coverage of the 2005 USRA Div 1 Slot Car Racing National Championships from Buena Park California. Many interesting interviews with personalities and legends of model car racing. This video is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Chris and Lenore Gallegos, former owners of Buena Park Raceway.

Slot Cars Helping Battle Autism

Slot cars helping battle autism

His parents were told he might never walk or talk. But a young Renton Washington man is racing at top speed, with this unusual autism therapy, that’s bringing him out of his shell.

This news segment by Chris Egan of KING-TV in Seattle, at the 2010 American Flat Track Worlds at Pacific Slot Car Raceways in Edgewood, Washington… tells the heartwarming story of my good racing buddy Cody Kosir, with his dad Kevin Kosir, both of whom I have raced with for many years.

Hey! I even have a brief cameo in this video!  🙂

– Paul K @ OWH